RF Results, LLC

Broadcast and IT Technical Consultants


RF Results markets a full line of equipment for your tower, transmitter, and studio needs. We can provide everything necessary to ensure that your station performs at a “Best-In-Market” level, regardless of station power or market size.

RF Results recommends and installs the following products from our manufacturing partners:
Harris Corporation
  • AM, FM, and HD Transmitters
  • Intraplex Digital STL Solutions
  • Netwave Audio Consoles and Studio Solutions
  • Quickline Studio Furniture Solutions

Electronics Research, Inc. (ERI)

  • AM and FM Towers
  • FM Antennas
  • Directional FM Antenna Design
  • Master Antenna, Filtering, and Combining Solutions
RF Results can provide everything from the microphone to the lighting protection at the top of your tower. We are truly a turnkey source for all of your equipment needs. RF Results only recommends and sells products that have a proven track record in the field, and have provided excellent service and dependability to stations just like yours.