RF Results, LLC

Broadcast and IT Technical Consultants


From off-air emergencies to FCC applications, RF Results can solve all your Engineering needs.
RF Results, LLC offers turnkey broadcast engineering services to the AM and FM Radio industry. RF Results provides expert level assistance for any radio project, regardless of scope or complexity.

RF Results focuses on the following core needs for AM and FM stations:
  • AM, FM, and HD design, including directional and non-directional stations.
  • Full FCC application, construction permit, and licensing services.
  • Full FCC auxiliary service (STL and RPU) design and licensing services.
  • Turnkey tower erection, transmitter and studio site construction.
  • Ongoing engineering and support of existing stations.
  • Comprehensive field measurements and proofs for AM and FM stations.
  • Upgrades and “move-ins” of existing stations.
  • IT networks design and support including automation and office systems.
RF Results is focused entirely on maximizing the useable coverage, sound quality, and the value of your radio property, in order to maximize profit and asset return for the small, medium, and large market radio owner.

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